Pushing the Boundries of Relativity with Unlimited Gravity


If you have never heard the glitchy, jazzy, bass sounds that come out of the speakers when Unlimited Gravity takes the decks I highly recommend you check him out. One of Colorado’s most up and coming Glitch Hop and Dubstep producers Ronnie Weberg, better known as Unlimited Gravity, has stepped into the EDM spotlight and doesn’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. As I sat down to get to know Unlimited Gravity, I was not only blown away by his passion for making awesome dance music, but was also inspired by his dedication of making the EDM scene something we can all be proud to be apart of. With a highly anticipated full length album releasing early in 2015, it looks as if Unlimited Gravity is approaching his biggest year ever and we at Fusion Raveo can’t wait to see what he has in store for us as not only fans, but a station that also plays his music.

Now, if you have not heard any of Unlimited Gravity’s tracks either on SoundCloud or BeatPort, you may have seen him this year opening up for Cosby Sweater, playing at various festivals across the country, teaming up with his buddy Project Aspect as Unlimited Aspect or as apart of the Mile High Sound Movement. Currently, his main focus is getting the collective of Mile High Sound Movement established, which, for those of you who do not know it is a group of musically gifted producers, located in Denver, that include producers such as Kruza Kid, Papa Skunk, and Project Aspect just to name a few. Ronnie explains that being apart of Mile High Sound Movement means that he has a family of artists that are driven to support one another in their passions as musicians. They are a collective of artists, who through whatever creative medium, come together, and contribute to show support within the whole family. With big ideas in the works, Ronnie explains that it is important for the family to be as large as possible, spreading as much love as imaginable through creativity and music. Last month Unlimited Gravity contributed to a Mile High Sound Movement compilation that exploded over the web, and a mix tape is in the works to be played on Fusion Raveo coming in 2015.

Event Horizon, the first full length, 10-track album produced by Unlimited Gravity is complete and set to be released sometime before February under the famous 1320 records’ label. Ronnie explained that he gained inspiration from his “western classical study to the expansion of Jazz and other progressive genres.” He explained that he “wants to keep some parts beautiful and spontaneous while keeping high energy parts exciting with his unique Unlimited Gravity style.” As far as artists who have influenced his style for this upcoming album he names Thriftworks, Project Aspect, Bassnectar and The Glitch Mob to name a few. He acknowledges that there is so much to learn from all of these different styles and uniqueness and feels inspired by it all to create something really special to share with fellow EDM lovers.

Of course I was anxious to hear if the release of a new album meant an upcoming tour as a fan that has seen Unlimited Gravity by himself and also in collaboration with Project Aspect as Unlimited Aspect. He confirms that there will be a tour, but unfortunately could not elaborate on any specific details at this time.

To say the least, I am super excited to give the Event Horizon album my undivided attention, but in the meantime I will be exploring more music that Unlimited Gravity has to offer on his SoundCloud, BeatPort and Spotify accounts and I encourage all of you do to so as well. As far as keeping updated on when the official release date of the album will be, along with his next tour, follow Unlimited Gravity on Facebook and @UnlimitedGrvty on Twitter.

A big thanks to Unlimited Gravity for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions with us at Fusion Raveo!