Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour + More [ Datsik interview ]

Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour + More [ Datsik interview ]


By: Jon Faust

Dubstep DJ/producer Datsik took over Concord Music Hall last weekend for his Chicago stop in the multi-city Ninja Nation Tour. The Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass show was headlined by Datsik, and was joined by Trolley Snatcha, Kennedy Jones and Fox Stevenson. The stunning visuals known as the”Vortex 3.0″  (By Squared Labs) made the incredible experience complete.

You know how in other sub-genres of EDM you can often predict when the next drop is coming, and ending.  That was not the case at Concord where Datsik dropped some grimy, filthy dubstep for everyone to enjoy and crowd surf to.

The Vortex 3.0 displayed different shapes, designs and characters that kept you entertained throughout the show. The sound was loud, in your face and body shaking for an hour and a half before Datsik hopped on the mic to announce to everyone that it was Trolley Snatcha’s  last night on the tour– and he wanted to do something special.

The four acts then proceeded to tag team for a set. Datsik, Trolley Snatcha, Kennedy Jones and Fox Stevenson took turns rotating for a series on hard drops.  After the show and in true class-act fashion, Datsik proceeded to sign autographs and interact with his fans.

The Ninja Nation tour runs until June 26th with its last stop at Electric Forest. For cities and dates near you visit www.datsik.com

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