A Cut Above the Rest, Mooij Releases ‘Prime’

A Cut Above the Rest, Mooij Releases ‘Prime’

Mexican electro-house producer, Mooij, pronounced ‘Muy,’ is pushing new limits in the Electronic Dance Music scene to create music that is funky and fresh. As I sat down to have a brief conversation with Frederik Mooij, I was curious to find more out about the Mexican EDM culture in comparison to ours here in America. Originally Mooij came to the EDM scene with house beats, but with his recent EP, ‘Prime’ the producer nearly reinvented himself branching out to more of a progressive electro house style, which we all know is so hot right now. What sets Mooij apart from other producers is his diverse musical background which stems from his love of producing hip hop beats that has overtime evolved to a funky, upbeat, electro house sound.

Throughout his career in the EDM scene, Frederik has many amazing accomplishments such as starting his own record label back in 2009; Loudroom Recordings, which is Mexico’s top-selling label on Beatport, and is an outlet for him and his talented gifted producer friends to share their music with the rest of the world. Aside from being Mooij, Frederik is the other half of the Icarus Fly duo with long time friend, Daniel Cantisani. Last year, the two of them headlined EDC Mexico, giving them incredible exposure and recognition in the house scene all around the world.

I was very curious to find out how house music culture in Mexico differed from the explosive pop/EDM culture going on right now in America. Frederik explained that house music culture in Mexico is skyrocketing, and predicts the demand to keep growing. He explained that of course there is still some American pop influence in Mexican EDM culture, however, there is also a big influence from Mexican music that sounds very interesting and something I would like to explore more.

With his ‘Prime’ EP having much success in the progressive/electro house genre, he continues to push new boundaries and currently is really into new age disco (who isn’t these days?) and is exploring new sounds with some new and upcoming tracks.

As far as touring, I think it’s time for a Mooij, United States tour. Seeing as that the whole electro soul movement is huge in America right now, I know he would fit right in and there would be great success. Frederik told me that he would eventually like to move to Los Angeles, where he has a lot of great connections and could really boost his producing career in America. If you have not yet gotten the chance to discover Mooij, his music is very accessible via Soundcloud and Beatport. The one thing that Frederik would like to share with his fans is his passion for creating music and gives them the chance to access his tracks to bring the party through the speakers.


Once again I just want to thank Frederik for taking the time to talk with us at Fusion Raveo. If you are curious as to what else Frederik and I all talked about, the audio to our conversation will be posted on our website. We will also be uploading more of his tracks to our station’s play list and encourage all of our listeners to send some love to Mooij because no matter what genre of music you are passionate about, I guarantee if you give his Soundcloud a listen it will be nearly impossible for you to not bob your head and dance to his smooth and funky beats.