The Internet Streets Come Alive at Medusas in Elgin

The Internet Streets Come Alive at Medusas in Elgin

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of attending Barely Alive and Dubloadz at Medusa Nightclub in Elgin. The stage was set much differently than when we used to attend Medusa Saturdays. I really dig the new layout of the upstairs main room. It’s a lot easier to feel more raw emotion from the crowd when you are down on stage as opposed to before when the DJ’s where high above the crowd. The addition of the lasers are crazy enough to melt even the most sober of faces.


This night just like any other late fall night was brisk, and windy in downtown Elgin. The “Internet Streets” were filled with tie dye shirted males and cute shorties with flat brims. Luckily we were able to make our way into the show since we weren’t on the guest list, but considering our scheduled interview with Barely Alive, Danielle “Mama Dubstep,” co-owner of Stay Gold Promotions, was sweet enough to let us in. Medusas is set up like any other three story superclub in a skinny downtown building, except that Dave Medusa, the club’s owner, started The Mission many years ago. If you would like to read the full history of Dave Medusa and his rise to become the Godfather of Nightlife, click the link here. Keith and I have been members at Medusas, and attending Mission Saturdays since we were 19 and that was 10 years ago. Only recently has Medusas been hosting bass music events and lucky for us one of them was Barely Alive and Dubloadz.


Barely Alive consists of two guys, Matt and Willie, from Massachusetts who literally became a overnight sensation back in 2014. They created their logo in one night and after their release of their first EP “Lost in the Internet” launched themselves to the top of five Beatport charts in one night. Due to their celebrity status and cognitive puzzles on their Facebook these guys have been a crowd favorite for a couple years now. This night only consisted of Willie throwing down the dirty wobbles. Barely Alive had the crowd going nuts right off the bat with an intro section stating their moniker in a female robot voice, w-w-w-we are Barely Alive, then right into their biggest hit single from their new album “We are Barely Alive,” Hackers. This song features Armanni Reign who has been turning up festivals across the country recently. He has also been featured in an EP with Mantis, which you would know from reading our past interview with them. The next song he played was something that you thought you would never hear, but it was a remixed version of John Cena! The whole place erupted into a chant, “JOHN CENA, JOHN CENA!” Barely alive played an amazing set spanning five different tempos and the crowd ate up every note. He played Cyber Bully, which was one of their biggest tracks off the “Internet Streets” EP, and he played Poison, which was co-produced by Dodge and Fuski. If you missed this show and you live in Chicago, I really recommend seeing Barely Alive as soon as possible next year.


I was lucky enough to be able to set up an interview with them last Saturday, however due to time constraints I wasn’t able to get a live interview. Please look for a live interview between us and Barely Alive next week. Peep the photos below on our Facebook page!