Laying us ‘Six Feet Under’ with his Dirty Wobbles, PhaseOne Delivers a Smashing Performance [Interview]

Laying us ‘Six Feet Under’ with his Dirty Wobbles, PhaseOne Delivers a Smashing Performance [Interview]

Last weekend we sat down with PhaseOne, a dubstep producer from Sydney, Australia. He has been on tour for a couple of weeks now and is touring for a total of six weeks. His newest single “UFO” topped the Beatport Dubstep charts for weeks. He has just released a new single with Megalodon titled “No Chill”, and is planning on releasing some more singles before the end of the year. We caught up with him before the show to talk a bit about his past, his touring, and what the future holds for his music. Read the interview below or listen to the full interview at the bottom.

For our fans that may not know a lot about you, can you give us some insight about growing up in Sydney and how you got started making music?

I’ve been a musician for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing guitar and piano from like 6-7 years old. I got lessons which I didn’t really like because at the time they were teaching me “Mary had a Little Lamb”, you know kid’s songs. It felt like a chore to me at the time but I did all that. I lost interest in music for a long time, so I got into sports. Then when I was a bit older I picked up my guitar and started listening to rock music. I finally found music I enjoyed playing. Ever since I picked up the guitar again, when I was 13, I dove straight into the music again. I started playing in bands after that from 15 to about 23 years old. I played in a few Rock and Metal bands. In every band I was in I was sort of the engineer, so I was always recording, making our EP’s and recording songs. After school I started learning sound engineering. Then I heard dubstep in like 2010 or something. I hadn’t really ever listened to electronic music before that time. I quickly heard the similarities between my music I was playing and the genre. Already having a production background, I starting mucking around with it. Shortly after that I started getting booked for shows. When I first started this project out, it was sort of a side project while I was in a band. I slowly started figuring out that the band scene can be terribly difficult trying to coordinate five people, and their girlfriends, and the equipment. Plus with five people the payment had to be split evenly so I wasn’t making much money, and I figured out that I could make way more money playing solo shows and not have to lug all my equipment around. That I could make more money just with a backpack. Shortly after that I quit the band and continued on solo. I was also working full time and continue to work full time. PhaseOne

It’s pretty sweet that they allowed you to take a month off of work to tour in North America.

Yeah I’m here for like six weeks and it’s all my annual leave, haha.

Most of your fans know that you were involved in metal/hard rock prior to producing dubstep. How has your view of the music industry changed coming into the “EDM” scene over the metal scene?

Like for me the difference is that people go to Rock shows to see a specific band that they like, but for electronic music shows some people are there to see you but some could be there just to party, or some people don’t even know the DJ and that was really eye opening for me. That’s why I stay out of the club scene, and play more shows, because that is where you get those types of people.

How many of the fans you have talked to actually listen to metal/hard rock as well as dubstep (your music)?

A lot. Like most of my fans. For most producers that I know a lot of their fans still listen to rock/metal.

Your newest single “UFO” is topping the Beatport charts and everyone I talk to in the industry is all about it. I personally love it and I can tell you took a long time to finish the composition. The vocal samples remind me of Figure and OG Datsik tunes. Would you say that Datsik and Figure are two of your influences, and with that being said is it an honor for Datsik’s label to sign you?

Figure is a good friend of mine and actually we are collaborating at the moment as well. Figure is into the whole metal scene as well. Datsik is considered to be one of the pioneers of this modern dubstep era. So he’s obviously a big influence on my music, and it’s an honor to be a part of his label.


PhaseOne hits #1 on Beatport’s Top Ten Dubstep Tracks

You have toured all around Australia and New Zealand and you have just started your first North America tour being booked by Alex from Warpath. Is there much of a difference from touring near home as opposed to touring in Canada and the US?

Not really. Except that when I play at home I get to stay at home during the week and work, then fly out or take a bus on the weekend to shows. The only difference in Australia is that we don’t have as many markets to perform in as the US does. Now this tour is fairly similar to touring in Australia, because I’m staying in LA with some friends to cut down the cost of the tour, then just flying out to a few shows every weekend.

I heard you were heading to LA to network and work on some tunes with some producers out there. Are the collaboration efforts the same in Australia as there are here in the US/CAN? (Producers out here in the US seem to always want to work with as many other producers as they can, is that the same in Australia?)

Here’s the thing. There are not that many dubstep producers in Australia, haha. I think I’m the only dubstep export that I know of. ShockOne, but he’s more Drum’n’bass. Trap music is really popular back home. I’m friends with a few of them back in Sydney. I have collaborated with them before. The best thing about being the only dubstep artist is when someone tours Australia they always come to me and ask if I want to hang out. So I always play tour guide when dubstep producers come in from out of town.


After releasing UFO as your latest track, topping the charts, what else do you have planned for release?

My new track “No Chill” with Megalodon is dropping soon, which is a good doorway into NSD (Never Say Die). They are a good label. I’ll probably release another EP in early to middle of next year with some singles along the way. I have worked with Krimer in Montreal, plus I’m working with Figure as I said before.

Do you have any advice for those starting to look to tour as a music producer?

The best advice I can give is if you are just trying to get booked with your music you can get booked with the big numbers on the social media, and SoundCloud. The other is to attend local events. Become part of a scene. Just get that hard networking in and be friends with everyone. That’s the best advice I can give.

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