Excisions First Festival Lost Lands Announced

Excisions First Festival Lost Lands Announced

Excision has been leaking small posts in the Headbangers Facebook page for a few months now. Yesterday he released the location, the lineup and any other information needed to attend. Lost Lands will be taking place just outside of Columbus, Ohio, at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. The build up to this release had everyone in the group guessing who would be getting the nod from the Master Headbanger himself. I think with the official release people were pleasantly surprised to see the best Dubstep and Drum ‘n’ Bass acts from around the globe. Check below to see the full lineup at Lost Lands! Please continue below to read our preview of the festival and a quote from Jeff about the pre-sale tickets.

Lost Lands

Just today Jeff had this to say about the initial ticket discount release, “Headbangers! Just wanna give a big thanks for all of the amazing support today! Its been a crazy few months working on this project with my team and I’m so stoked to finally have all the info out there!

For you guys asking about tickets/presales selling out etc… The Presale ticket tier was GONE in 20 minutes so, rather than make everyone wait until tomorrow, we put the rest of the tickets on sale immediately, so no code is needed.

Another question I’ve seen a lot is in regards to the campsites. Only one campsite needs to be purchased per vehicle entering the campground. You can have up to six people and one car per camp site. Tickets are on sale now at www.lostlandsfestival.com

Thanks guys!”

Needless to say in a perfect world we all would have loved to grab cheap passes to Lost Lands, however only a select few were able to get their hands on the pre-sale, which means that this festival will definitely sell out so get your tickets as soon as possible.

We are super excited to see how they build Lost Lands, when they guarantee GIANT F*&#ING DINOSAURS! However this festival will be laid out isn’t a huge concern to most people. I think most people are wondering what kind of crazy B2B sets will be going on. I think some have underestimated the artists chosen. They were picked for a few reasons. Most of them have all worked together on a collab at one point. Most of them have toured together, therefore most of them are really good friends. I’m looking forward to that Datsik B2B Excision set, which I think everyone hopes will be an OG set. I also, hope they bring Cookie Monsta, and Downlink up on stage with them for more OG tunes.

I know I’m looking forward to a lot of the bottom listed producers. Even the guys at the bottom are killers. Sullivan King is one of the best performers out there, and you would be upset if you missed his live guitar, half metal, half dubstep set. AFK has been releasing new tunes almost every month since Jeff started talking about this festival. His two newest singles “Popsicle Vapestep” and “Speaker Jam” are two of my favorite tunes right now. A lot of people haven’t been talking about the newest EP from The Frim, because he dropped in at the end of the year in 2016. However, his song “Reeses Thesis” is one of my favorite Drum ‘n’ Bass tunes released in the past year. Plus, no one can forget the tunes he did with the giant dinosaur himself. It reminds me of my favorite dark and dirty DnB artists right now, Delta Heavy. Oh wait, Excision put him on this bill as well.

I can’t even cover the bigger named artists right now because it would take me all month, but I wanted to take few minutes to cover the killers at the bottom because we all know they deserve to be on top.