Illenium Drops New Single “Leaving” Amidst Album Release

Illenium Drops New Single “Leaving” Amidst Album Release

Having his new album release set for next week, Illenium has revealed a new single, “Leaving,” to get everyone excited for his upcoming music. Awake will be Illenium’s second studio album, consisting of twelve new songs and multiple collaborations.

“Leaving” provides the audience an emotional track with a basis of the song of someone in your life leaving, an idea strongly hinted in the lyrics. The song begins with an eerie voice recording playing behind the instrumental part of the track, calling to say “I miss you, I guess. And I’m sorry,” with the sender wanting the receiver to call back. The first verse builds the story of a clichéd person going “60 over the limit” and being told they “gotta slow down.” He realizes there’s no coming back from leaving and that it’s easier said than done to leave everything behind. The second verse really expands on why it is he wants to leave, saying that he’s “falling in and falling out fast,” almost as if he is falling in and out of life. The connection to what he has, and that he’s “done with feeling like I’m told I should,” instead it’s “the feeling that I’m chasing, and I haven’t found it here in a while.” This side of the lyrics really cuts deep with the average listener who believes that they’re in a rut, and that they need to get out of their town, their situation, or whatever is causing them pain. However, the most chilling part of the song is the background sound of children playing and yelling, as well as the song ending on a clock’s tick winding down, almost as if someone is out of time or is “leaving” life.

“Leaving’s” composition adds a stronger connection to the lyrics and the emotional impact of the song to the audience. The song begins with a progressively slow piano riff as the main component, having a suddenly fast drum beat added as soon as the buildup begins. This addition of the drums helps to connect the speed of the song to replicate how fast a heart would beat in an argument, which lyrically happens during the buildup. The composition overall is a coaster of rises and falls, relating the idea of risks and fights in life to the way the music was composed.

Illenium’s new single provides the audience with a hauntingly beautiful track that tries to connect to everyone in some way. Whether it be a connection to a loss of a close one, a desire to leave your old life behind and start a new one, or the thought that you’d be better off leaving everything. The lyrics and composition provide a well-told story, one that usually takes whole albums to cover. The plan of releasing the single a week before the album, truly shows a good indication of what is to come.

Awake releases to all major streaming services September 21st